Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our “Very Hungry Caterpillars”

I get to read one of my favorite books with first grade.           image40 It doesn’t matter if they have heard it, or even read it themselves before they all love it! Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar is so cute. Since so many of the kids know the story I let them say part of it with me. I read “ On Monday he ate through an apple…” then the kids say “…but he was still hungry!” By the way the link above is Eric Carle reading the book.
So after we read it we make these adorable caterpillars. I pre cut 3x9 green construction paper, enough for each to have seven; and one red 3x9 for each. Then we demonstrate and get busy! I have 35 minute classes and 90% of the kids (sometimes 100%) get all of these made into a chain. Then the next class we cut with then black paper for the eyes, draw a mouth and nose (not sure they have noses-) and add a pipe cleaner antenna. ( I add it with hot glue). While they are getting their antennae hot glued the kids get a piece of paper to draw a huge piece of fruit for the caterpillar to “eat”. Then by the end of the class we can take them home!                                         20110413_4620110413_4720110413_45


  1. I love projects that are based on books.
    The caterpillars are so cute.
    A great way to incorporate literacy in art.
    I just did a project based on the book: "The Squiggle" by Carole Lexa Schaefer.