Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring in the Art Room!

I love this project. It always perks up my spring when we do it. This year I didn’t have any old Nat. Geo. magazines to use for the vases but I did have wallpaper scraps. The magazines were always good because there always lots of pictures with color and pattern that made great vases. I let the kids pick a background paper from light blue, turquois blue, dark blue, violet, and black. They always turn out quite striking.
Forsythia Bushes 3rd GradeForsythia Bushes 3rd Grade (3)Forsythia Bushes 3rd Grade (2)


  1. Are these just little squares of tissue paper glued in the center? So pretty!

    Is it based on a kind of flower you have blooming already? Do you bring the flowers in the room or are they just imagining? I always do lilac paintings when they bloom, but we're not ready for flowers yet. I like the way the flowers grow up the stems. Really nice.