Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The End-- Again.

This is the story, or a version of the story, I wrote last week then lost when my computer updated. UGGGGG! I spent a long time typing the whole thing up until I thought it sounded just right. Now I get to rewrite it or something close to it. I'm thinking this will be a shorter version. *sigh*

The End--

Sometime near the end of April I found out my local middle school was needing a new art teacher. I was told by my son's teacher that I should apply. I thought about it, for about 2 seconds, and said "no thanks".
But I found out the next week that the elementary art teacher took the middle school job. Hum? Really? Now I am interested in her elementary art position.
Wait. I have a job. A job I really like. People I really like to work with. Small classes. Kids I know and will have again next year.
But work 5 minutes from home?
Be on the same calendar as the kids?
A real art room, built for art?
Fifty minute class periods?
Hum, maybe I will apply.

So I did.
But right away I went into my principal's office and asked, "Could you do me a favor? But don't get mad at me."
You should of seen her face. She's like "what is she up to now?" We do have a great relationship coming from working together  on other things besides art at school. But she knows me first as a creative, fun, flexible gal.  I am always upbeat and love my job.
So when she answered a cautious "OK, I guess." I jumped in and asked her for a reference to apply for another job.
She had a look of relief , surprise, and something like sadness or maybe it was just confusion. But I told her my thinking and that this is truly the only job I would want other then the one I have here. She totally understood. She also works in a different district than where her kids attend school. So she knows what that all entails. Thank goodness. I knew she'd understand I have to at least try for this position. We both agreed if I was meant to get this position I would. Because that is how I ended up here in the first place.

Then I had to tell my team members. They didn't talk to me for a while. . . . Ok maybe about half a minute, because they were so surprised. Believe me I was too. But at this point I was just applying for the position. No interview, no offer of the job. But they love me and wished me well. After all if it meant to be . . .I'd get the job or not.

I really wasn't sure if I did get an interview if they would want a teacher with so many years of experience. I would cost a lot more to hire than a new teacher. But I was pretty sure that might be the only strike against me.
I can't tell you how many times I had second thoughts. I really do love my job. But the pro's out weighted the con's.
So I had my interview.
I was the first of 9 they interviewed. I couldn't come in on the Friday they were interviewing because of commitments at my building so I came Thursday after school. That meant I was first. Of a lon-n-ng line of prospective art teachers.  Humm-. But they said they would make their decision on Friday and let that person know also on Friday. So I had about 24 hours to wait.
My first reaction when I left they interview was, "that was fun". But then I was afraid I rambled too much. Didn't answer their questions fully. All sorts of thoughts went through my head. I did take a sample of projects I have done this year in a small photo album. I wanted to show some of my integrated art lessons and show my experience of having done this for a few years. (Decided experience might be in my favor in the interview).

At school Friday morning my team & principal checked in with me and wanted to know how it went at my interview. So I filled them in and said I hopefully would know by tonight. I have got to say how much I appreciated that they were cheering me on even though they would be sorry if I left. They are just that great of a team. I heard things like "They'd be crazy not to hire you" and "You're a shoe in". So they made me promise to text them when I heard.

And I did get a call. Nervous I still wasn't sure what answer I wanted to hear. If it was meant to be . . .

They called on my way home from Pizza Hut, Friday night supper for the family. And I have a new hands free phone in my new car, so now I could talk hands free. But when they called I accidentally hung up on them the first time. Oops. But they called back right and offered me the job. Yeah.
I knew this was right if I got the job it was meant to be. And I am celebrating all the way home and told my family. Party!

Yes I text my team, even left a little hint on Facebook and relaxed for the evening.
My awesome friends were happy for me and sad to see me go. But it was meant to be.

It hasn't sunk in yet. Leaving school on the 25th felt like any other year. I know come August that it will hit me harder but I feel like this is the right time and place for me to be. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the job.
As people have found out here at home, that I will be transferring, they have greeted me with excitement and encouraging words. I feel like I am coming home to a school I already know so many wonderful people.
It was definitely meant to be. Thank you Lord.



  1. Congrats!!
    I know how scary it can be to change positions but you will fit right in.
    May you have a fun filled year ahead!!! :)

  2. Congratulations and good luck!

  3. A new adventure! Congratulations! Things happen for a reason - I'm sure it will be great!

  4. Congrats!!! It's exciting to start fresh:)

  5. Congratulations! That will be so nice for your family.