Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chinese Dragons 2nd Grade

Chinese New Year is past now but 2nd grade worked really hard on their dragons. I wanted to share with you our dragons and my inspiration.
The inspiration came from smARTyPants a great blog with fun ideas. Aren't art teachers the best? Anyway she had these handprint Chinese New Year Dragons that I just loved. I knew I had to do them with my 2nd graders. So off I went to work.

I looked up a short lendgend of the dragon and made a short story for them to read at the beginning of class.  I also talked about a few differences between Chinese Dragons and dragons from the Middle Ages. The kids seem to know the Middle Age style dragons better since there have been several movies, books, and TV show about them lately.

Then we started tracing and cutting. There are a few changes, colors and bling but we have clouds in our sky! Admittedly it did take a few days to get it all accomplished but we had so much fun. Some are still not ready. I will have even more pictures of great dragons in the future!

Two heads are better than one~


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