Friday, September 30, 2011

Go West David Brewer Pioneers!

Finally! I have been waiting for a few weeks to get pictures of finished artwork and get it posted! I am going to feature my first graders today.
I the fall I like to start with a theme to get me motivated and help the artwork at Parent/teacher conferences have a more cohesive look. And thanks to my "Ms. Debbie" for all the help hanging all of the projects! I couldn't keep things up and changing if I didn't have her help!
So our them has been GO West! Cowboys and Cowgirls and all things western. I have used Fredrick Remington, and Charles M. Russell as artist of inspiration. These Boot Are Made for Walkin'
Now this is first grade, and it is the begininning of the year so I let them use a boot pattern to trace. So if you don't approve the use of templates please forgive me. But imagine if you will, 22 first graders in a class. We talked about why cowboys wore boots, what the different kinds of heels are on boots and the fact that they match. A pair of boots. A matching pair of boots. I really thought I stressed that point but try as I might some still didn't make them matching. lol We traced out boots and made our designs and colored them all pretty. Then we had to decide where are boots were walkin'. Some were outside, in a barn, in the garden and who knows where.
Some kids added "stitches" in marker. And luckily most added legs with pants or a skirt for the cowgirls. I love the fact that I got boots in all kinds of crazy colors and patterns. They always make me smile.
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