Friday, May 27, 2011

I Hate to See it Go!

The art work. Not the end of the year. *sigh*
 I hate to see the cute, fun art work come down and go home. I try to put up as much of the art as I or my volunteer Miss Debbie can do each week. But some things I don't have space for or time. Sometimes I have way too many kinder art work and not enough fourth grade art hanging, so I tell them they can take it home. :( Sad face.
I know alot of teachers that keep portfolios of all the work and send it home at the end of the year, but is not practical for me. No way to store the masses of art we have done in the 70 odd classes each class has had in art.
Today I let the kinders take home another circus animals instead of hanging them. I did however get a few of them to "volunteer" to leave their elephants and monkeys to hang in the hallway. I got a smattering of different ones, not all the best ones, but some with lots of personality though! Every time the teachers walk by I see little smiles and I feel like I have done a good thing that day.
One more week, *sigh*.


  1. I know what you mean. Up until our art show, my room was stacked to the ceiling with teddy bear chairs, plaster bandage people-in-motion sculptures, papier-mache masks and ice cream cones, and 37 flying pigs hanging from the ceiling. The art show is over and all that stuff has now left for home. Kids come in my room and look bewildered. It looks "naked", they say. And they are right. Sadly empty. Oh well, we'll finish out the year and mess it up good again next year!

  2. I always experience 'separation anxiety' at this time of year - when I have to let go of all my favorite works of art and send them home with their owners. It's always a race to get everything handed back before that final bell, too. Hope your last week goes well...