Monday, May 23, 2011

Animal Puppets by 1st Grade

I made “mitten” style puppets with my three 1st grade classes last week and we had a fun time.
Our first day was spent drawing lots of practice puppet drawings. On my overhead I drew several mitten shapes and added the facial feathers to make each animal. The kids followed along drawing on their own paper. After I did the basic- cow, cat, dog. tiger, etc. I had the students give me suggestions of more to do. I got great ideas like wolf, crab, turtle, owl, and even a platypus! (Thanks to Disney’s Phineas and Ferb) I think all together we had 30 animals.
Doing our “practice” day gave everyone great ideas and when we went to pick our paper for our animals it went very smoothly. NO hesitation of “I don’t know . . . “ they spoke up and said their choice quickly. We spent the rest of the class folding, cutting and gluing the basic shapes for the faces.
Next class we brought out the smaller paper and scrap box and went to it! I showed them a couple of tips on how to make the ears pop up and hold their shape, as well as, accordion folded pieces for pig noses and to cut curly Q pig tails.
Another fun day and lots of cute puppets. I had to arm wrestle a few of the kids to get them to let me keep them to hang in our hall. Winking smile

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  1. These are cute!
    Amazing what such children can do!

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