Sunday, March 6, 2011

You should see what I see.

    I have just finished 1/2 of my semester of teaching “Integrating Art into the Classroom”. I had a class of twenty young ladies that I hope will use all of the lessons we wrote and presented.

   I give an example of a lesson that integrates the subject we are focusing on, then they have a week to write their own lesson and make an example. Now there is a lot more that goes on in each class, a lecture, and lots of hands on demonstration (my favorite). But I want to show you the latest pictures I took of their lessons. I always take pictures to keep with the copies of lessons they turn into me and post them so they can have them also.

   So here is my other site for class so you can see their ideas. Art ED 214 A/B

Peace-                                  Valerie G (2)

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