Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everyone loved these-

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Everyone likes to hear comments about the art you hang in the halls, but someget more attention then others. Case in point, fourth grade just finished creating snowboarders on snowboards. We had a blast! I showed lots of snowboard designs I found on Google Images, and we talked about air bushing and jobs you could get designing snowboards, surf boards etc. We don’t have a lot of snowboarding here in Kansas but the hills we have here a long the mighty Missouri River give kids a good starting place. Then some make the trip out west to Colorado to the big Rocky Mountain experience.                                  20110306_19
   Anyway, I saw this idea originally on  Craft Kaboose. I used jumbo craft sticks that had a light coating of white tempera paint on them. We traced several on a practice piece of paper to work out our design ahead of time. Then when a design was settled on they drew it on the craft stick and colored with markers, some used color pencil or crayon also.
   The next class we discussed the snowboarder figures and checked out some images of kids snowboarding down the mountains, hanging in the air and doing some moves on the half pipe. (not sure if the name applies for snowboarders or just skaters). Then we got out my huge supply of pipe cleaners and started creating our people.                            
   I showed the basic steps to make the head/torso, the legs and the arms with three pipe cleaners. Then gave them time to play with bending and positioning arms and legs. My example had spiky hair but they also tried pigtails, pony tails and helmets. Too cute.
   I always  get a kick out of seeing a project I haven’t done before come together--
  I decided if we were going to display these we needed a background. So out came the construction paper and white paint. Those students made little belts to poke through to the back of the paper and twist to attach them. Others wanted to try out a slit like the sail boats we did not long ago. So they created a slit and added an extra 1/2 popsicle stick to the bottom of the board so it can travel across the page.
   All in all this took us 4 thirty-five minute classes. But the kids got a load of fun and complements on these while they were hanging in the halls.
   Great JOB 4th Graders!!!!!

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