Thursday, January 13, 2011


I don’t know about you but I love seeing the Bing! home page. They have some of the greatest photographs. In fact I like them so much I save some in a “Bing” folder and use them on my own desk top. The variety of photos is great, snow, ocean, tropical, nature, a little bit of everything.
Then if the picture intrigues you there are small boxes to roll over and learn more about what is pictured. I have learned some really cool facts about places that I never would have seen or read otherwise. And I love to try and guess where the pictures are from before I check. Some are easy but some are hard and that is why I like guessing- I learn something!
Here is a sample of pic’s I have saved this past year.
Kiev_EN-US1506474053HaircapMoss Bing

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  1. The second one reminds me of the lesson from Deep Space Sparkle towers and turrets. My friend just posted pics of herself in front of one of those cupcake buildings and I still have a hard time believing they really exist! I need to cross the ocean one day!