Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whooo, Whoooo-

Second grade has been done with their mixed media owls for a few days but I have been way too busy. I am not sure I am really ready now either, because I couldn't find all of the pictures I thought I took. But here are the two I did find.
We used oil pastels and I followed Kathy Barbros lesson from Art Projects for Kids to draw the owls with the kids. I really liked the idea of making a pattern for the first step.
We used a piece of manila paper folded in half. Then we drew, on the folded edge, half of our owl. The most common mistake was making the head dip like a heart in the center. So once they got the pattern cut out we practiced drawing the eyes, beak and wings. I had the students do a little more in the wing area to create some extra contrast from the body.
When they were happy with the results they traced the pattern onto a light gray 9x12 piece of paper. We used oil pastels and colored layers of them to create new and different colors for parts of the owl. We had owls of all types and colors. I was a little leery about some of the kids color choices but I was pleasantly surprised at how pink blended with brown or gray. hehehe
The next class we painted black tempera trees and let them dry. When they were dry we added oil pastel to create texture and highlights. Most of the students made theirs be a "night owl" so they drew or cut paper to make a moon and stars. 
I finally had my indispensable Mrs. Mansil hang these today, but I forgot my camera. So one of these days I will post some more.

Boy do I need a break. Last week wore me out! I finally got home Saturday night to stay. At least we only had two days of school this week. I can relax and catch up on my sleep and give my brain a rest of sorts.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be safe!


  1. Ahhh,,, sweet! I like the owl in the corner.

  2. Hey...sorry..wasn't sure how to get ahold of you. This was put up on a cork board...but last year I put my fall one up in the hall using Duct Brand(like duct tape) blue tackie stuff. Just make sure you put tape in the area where you'll put the tackie stuff..cause it can leave an oily residue(sp?)