Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going Well it Seems . . .

I have been teaching the Integrated Art class for 4 weeks so far and things seem to be going pretty well. Last week we explored soft pastels, oil pastels, and printmaking. After lecturing and demonstrating all the media the students had an hour to make examples.  
Last week I specifically talked about classroom management and my opinion on with holding the specials classes as a consequence by the classroom teacher. I am lucky that unless the teacher is at the end of a grading period and that student has been absent they do not keep them out of specials. Speech, ESL and other pull out resource teachers do not and are not allow to pull during special times. So I feel pretty lucky. 
But the thought comes to me- is that true for all of you too? Let me know your opinion on with holding specials classes as a consequence by the classroom teacher. I am interested to know-


  1. I don't think students should be held out of Specials as a consequence either. It doesn't happen at my school. Specials time is when classroom teachers have their planning...they are ready to get rid of their students so they are not going to keep them. However, I do have a problem with one teacher who holds her class from Specials as a consequence then brings them in late...about 10 or 15 minutes. This holds up the other half of a class I have waiting to start. To me, that's rude and selfish on her part, but she doesn't see it that way. Another thing that bugs me is when a teacher brings class work to my class and wants me to have the student sit and do that work instead of art. To finish it because they failed to work in their class. REALLY?!! I don't think so...that seems to make ART a punishment. And yet another thing that is a problem to me is that my administration will bring students that are in trouble in the office or ISS to Specials, let them have Specials and then return to their punishment. To me Specials are a privilege and that sends a mixed message of sorts. Well that's my 2 cents.

  2. It drives me crazy when they keep kids from specials. They've been specifically told by administration that they are not to keep them out but they do anyhow. It's worst with my 6th grade, who come to art on an elementary schedule but are graded on a middle school system. In other words, number grades. Which is tough when they don't let the kids come in to make up unfinished work.

  3. Thanks Phyl and artteachergirl for you input. Guess what happen yesterday? The music teacher asked that all 3rd grade come at specials time to practice for the concert next week so the librarian and I brought our 3rd graders to the stage and guess what? One of the teachers kept 8 of the kids! Ofcourse they had parts to read and it made practice not go very well until the librarian went to talk to her.
    I guess since 3rd is a "tested" grade AYP and all, they feel like the kids who don't do their homework should have a time to do it. But in part it is the parents who aren't following through, and at grading times they get upset when they get a low grade. So this was her solution..... keep them.
    Well now we have a great librian and she came up with a fantastic idea. She suggested after Thanksgiving we have "Friday Fun" just for third grade. If they don't have work done they go to the library, if they do they get split up between Music and PE or on alternate schedules Art and Music. That way we can still have classes and the rest would miss the fun. So it sounds like it would work and still help support both groups. So for now we will try that. I will keep you posted!

  4. I used to have more problems with this but not so much now. It used to really burn me if the teacher brought the child to art and told me that they could not participate that day because of their behavior in her class. Hmmm, let's see does that also mean that if the child does not behave in my class I send them back to the teacher with the instructions that they are not to participate in the classroom teacher's class? I think not. It makes art a reward/punishment thing and sometimes alienates the child from the art teacher as they think we are in on this stupid plan.