Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4th Grade Can Really Surprise Me Sometimes!

Like I said sometimes those chatty, sweet, ornery, silly 4th graders will surprise you. After I took a break from our Native American unit to do some Math folders I finally got back to it last week. We started making our medallions with concentric circles. Yep we used our safe-T compasses and rulers to find the center of the cardboard then designed our medallions.
We practiced on a piece of paper that we traced the shape of the cardboard on to, drawing concentric circles over and over. Regardless of the fact they were only going to draw a couple for the final project.  Yes the classroom teacher had already used the traditional silver pointy compass/pencil combo with them. But I think they found these safe-T compasses a different, almost fun, dare I say, alternative. I say that because when they have had some down time while something dries they ask to use them again and again. :) I love them because I don't have to worry they will be a weapon either.

Anyway my amazing 4th graders worked so hard at making these medallions look so cool. I haven't seen them concentrate and work more carefully on a project yet this year. Here are a couple in progress pictures. They still have to cut out the circle and make a tissue paper trim around it. I just couldn't wait to show off these jewels.

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  1. Wow these are coming along beautifully can't wait to see them all finished!!!