Friday, October 15, 2010

Women I Love and Admire--

My weekend in St. Charles with my long time (didn't want to say 'old') friends was wonderful.  We stayed in the charming Lococo B &B and were spoiled by the hostess' and host. The breakfasts and snacks were homemade and delicious. My friends and I were driven down to the historic streets of Missouri's first capital city, to walk, eat, shop and relax. We spent the most time talking and catching up with stories for our current lives and memories of our life in college, twenty-five years ago. It was so much fun laughing and enjoying each others company.
We marveled at the fact that all 9 of us not only have gone on to careers and families but we are still married to our spouses. (first and only spouses). Our children are all ages from 5-23 years old. And thank you Lord all safe, healthy and successful kids. (of course with Mom's like us!)
We have all gone through the last few years battling our own personal battles.  You can see some of our "battle scars" outwardly and some are hidden, but we all have come through it as stronger, beautiful women that all make great role models for the other girls/young women, we know and love. Maybe even inspire a few others like husbands, sons and co-workers.
 A few of the spouses were a bit jealous we got to get away for the long weekend, so next time we decided to include them. 2012 in Vegas! Can't wait and won't wait to keep in touch and see them all again.
I love you all--

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