Friday, October 15, 2010


I am relaxing in the Manhattan (ks) Holiday Inn before going to the KAEA dinner checking out a few of my favorite sites. And there it was! Marigolds! Yep the flowers.
See today at our luncheon we had Stevie Mack of Crizmac as a keynote speaker. She just happen to speak about her different visits to Mexico and the art of the area. She spent a bit of time talking about the alters that Mexican natives build for the celebration "Day of the Dead". Guess what they use to decorate the alters? Yes marigolds. Then as it happens I saw Teach Kids Art latest post and it is on marigolds! I love it when stuff like that happens and I am on the same wave length as others. Woo Woo!
Take a look at Teach Kids Art to see her lesson on marigolds!
More from KAEA later!

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