Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tomorrow . . . .

So tonight I decided to take the big step and publish the blog. Yep it is out there on the net. I sent my facebook friends a message first about it since it was so easy. I hope you all have found it without too much trouble.

Tomorrow is Monday. I have mixed feelings about this week. I have two banners due for our annual contest to promote the Education Foundation. I am feeling pretty good about the banners and how they are turning out. I have had tons of help and couldn't do it without you all. This really is a school wide effort.

I am so lucky to work here, this contest could have been the art teachers 'job', but it hasn't been like that at all. I sent out a request via e-mail and within minutes all of the jobs had volunteers to do them. You all rock! Friday deadline day is going to be here soon and I feel like we can do it. Heck we may even win a prize!

Two banners, I did say two. That is because I not only work at one awesome school but two! Both of my elementary school principals asked that I enter the contest. So I started out thinking what would I do this year.

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