Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Days!

In two days, yes August 1st, I go to my new teacher training. For a couple of days they talk to all of the new teachers about school district policies and, you know all "that stuff".
On Monday the 6th all teachers return for district and building meeting and hopefully time to work in our classrooms.

I've never been one to worry about if my room looks pretty or not. But I do try to make some colorful posters and things. But today I stopped in during enrollment to check out my room and I will need a lot of color. My new room is pre-it-y, plain. See my pictures?
This first one is my classroom door that opens to the primary carpeted cafeteria area and main halls.
This second door is to the west parking lot. So I have a door to the outside, a small 8x20 cement patio and a little grassy area. You can see I have great west windows too. Coming from no windows at all this is great!

I have two sinks back here and a third sink on my north wall.

These are two 4 x 8 ft rolling storage units. HUGE! But they have doors on either end, and are open shelves all of the way through. So I guess since I don't have a storeroom I get these.
But I hate where they are sticking out near the front of the room. Plus I want to change it up so it isn't exactly like last year. New art teacher, new floor plan. 
So my daughter and I turned them  and put one at each end of the room.

 For now I have my desk here. But I'd rather have it in the center of the room kind of where this table is. Towards the back, by my cabinets so I can see my screen and use the computer/projector.

This is my enormous wall for displays. I can't wait to fill them with all kinds of things and artwork!
My small white board and an even smaller chalk board on the right.
That makes up the south wall- display board and white board.
My north wall is all-l-l-l cabinets and storage!
See what I mean about it needs color? I have my work cut out for me, huh?
I decided today that I didn't think I would even try to decorate everything for the first day of school. It will be a "work in progress" pretty much the whole year I figure. I think living/working in it for a while will help me decide what all I want to do too. 
So August 9th is our first day with kids. 
I forgot lesson plans.
I think that will be the easy part-- lol!




  1. It is very neutral. It is nice and big, though. I don't have a new job, but am in a different building, with a lot of those gray cabinets, too. Good luck getting it all ready!

    1. Yes this is the biggest art room I've had 26x40! I hope you like your new room. Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. This room looks HUGE! I would love it! You are going to be able to do so much with this space! And a patio outside your room!?! I'm more than a little jealous! Enjoy! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. It does look huge. I get my tables back after enrollment then I think it will feel more full. I started adding color today. Watch for an update--someday.

  3. It's a nice big room. I particularly like the area with the wrap around cabinets by sink...You could easily jazz it up by putting some colorful artwork on the cabinet doors and some sculptures on top of the cabinets a la Ms. Picasso (
    Plus, once you post student work up on that big wall it will bright the whole space up..

    Enjoy and best of luck :)

    1. I was just talking to my daughter about adding things above the cabinets. I need to make sure the fire code allows it. My last building had a rule nothing flammable within 18 inches of the ceiling. But I definitely going to hang all the posters and artwork I can ASAP.
      Thanks for the comments!

  4. Beautiful room, just waiting for your color to be added! Somehow I didn't realize you were starting a new job. Congrats! By the way, our fire codes also had to keep stuff 2' from ceiling.

    Enjoy the newsroom and have a great school year start!

    1. Thanks Phyl. I am sure you will be thinking of us all going back while your relax a little longer drinking your coffee in the morning. Enjoy!