Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Missouri in June

These are a few of our pictures from the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. There is a very special display from China called Lantern Festival 2012 and it was amazing. We were there during the daytime but I've been told by those who have been that at night when they light these lanterns it is magical. You can read a little about the display at the website. But while we were visiting with our friends they told us a few interesting facts. Like all of the people who helped assemble and build the display came with the lanterns from China. All of the displays had to, of course, be put together after arriving in St. Louis. Some of the artists had booths there in the garden making some traditional Chinese art work like paper cutting, landscape painting, bonsai gardening and Chinese character drawing. It was interesting to see. Unfortunately  I didn't get any pictures of the artisans.  There weren't demonstrating much at the time we walked by.

Missouri Botanical Garden   One of my favorite exhibits was the dragon made completely of white and blue china. It is hard to tell what it is made of until you get closer to it. As I walked up I could see the lights that would illuminate it at night but then I saw the china. I mean real porcelain  china. Dishes like you might see at your local Chinese restaurants. All sizes of plates, cups, and spoons were used. I marveled over the ingenuity of it.
Look at the next couple of pictures and see the wires that actually hold it together are even a nice added detail.

  There were some very nice botanical exhibits that are a permanent part of the garden also. In fact I would love to go back in the fall or next spring to see the garden in full color.
I'm sure everyone has a great botanical garden near them
 but if the chance arrives to see the one in St. Louis- 



  1. Thanks for sharing! I have a cousin in St.Louis and she was just telling me about this display. I've never been to the botanical gardens there. Acutally,I haven't been to the city since I was in like 5th grade! We recently visited Botanica in Wichita and it was awesome! They are trying to work out having a pastel workshop there during the KAEA conference this fall.

    1. That would make a great workshop Katie! I used to go to the Botanica in Wichita too. I remember it as a great spot especially the butterflies!

  2. I was fortunate to see the exhibit earlier this month. My sisters & I went early in the evening to see the work in daylight and stayed around until the lights came on. My favorite was the white porcelain dragon. Beautiful pix - I've yet to post mine. Hope you don't mind if I link to your blog in my post!