Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Think Pink

Since October 1, 2011 I have been posting a "Think Pink" picture everyday on facebook. I have seven friends, neighbors or co-workers that are battling breast cancer. So in honor of them I started posting a picture of something pink each day of October.

I found so many great pictures that I couldn't stop on the 31st of October. So I kept going, thinking sometime I'll stop when I get tired of it. I took it really seriously, getting up late at night when I realized I hadn't done it before bedtime. Posting all kinds of times of the day depending on my plans that week.

This isn't something I can set ahead of time and have happen while I'm away. They only other way to post is if I see something pink while out of the house and post via my phone.

See somewhere I read a quote "Breast cancer awareness should be every month." Not just for the month of October. That is part of the reason I kept going and posting everyday. Then on December 28th while I was out of town it slipped my mind and I didn't post a "think pink" picture. Ahhhh! I couldn't believe it. I felt bad. I felt like I let someone down. Mostly I guess I let myself down. But I was really trying to support those friends with breast cancer by doing this one little thing.

See most of these women I personally know don't live close to me. They live between 25- 700+ miles away from me. You feel helpless when these types of things are going on in someones lives and you can't help directly. And I am not a nosy person. I don't ask every time I see them "hows that cancer thing going?" "Hey, any news?"

I know, I know, some people live for that kind of thing. But I remember when I had a health issue and everyone in the whole world always asked me about that and not any thing else. I do have other things in my life and I got tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

My style is quietly supportive in the background. I will wonder how you are doing, say prayers for you, ask a close relative or friend how you are first. I will let you know I am doing those things by ---- doing something like posting a picture of something pink each day on my facebook page.

Since January I am proud to say I haven't missed more than a day or two. I realized it is not the number of days I do it, but that I do it at all.  So when I do miss I try not to freak.

By the way I find most of my pictures on Google. Some are actual artwork that is done for awareness. Other artwork is student, teacher mostly unknown, found by goggling "pink stuff" etc. I don't have trouble finding things that are pink. Pinterest comes in hand for some too. On a few occasions I shot pictures of pink things I have personally found.

Silently supporting all my peeps and many others I don't know personally-

Think Pink


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  1. Wow. What a precious friend you are to do that for those ladies. I am inspired by that amazing gesture of friendship and care.