Thursday, January 26, 2012


In January I was so ready for snow! We have hardly had any at all this winter. We still haven't and it is almost February. It didn't keep kinder from drawing and making polar bears.
P is for polar bears.

I tried to have 1st grade add a little blue or lavender to their snowy pictures of snowmen. It was the first time we attempted to add a color to make it look more like a sphere. Most didn't turn out quiet this well, sorry to say. But I realized a lot of kids color a circle the same way the color a rectangle or square. Across. So the snowmen didn't keep their nice round shapes much. The few that did do well seem even more special since the rest had such a hard time.
 For the sky we talked about the Northern Lights. I didn't realize it but we were having sun flares that made the Northern Lights really shine this week. But when one of my third grade classes went out with a bang Tuesday I blamed that on the sun flares too. It really does cause a disturbance in the air. So it makes sense right?

Next January means "Kansas Day". Kansas is 151 years old. So I did a couple of quick lessons with our Kansas symbols. Sunflowers are the state flower. When everyone else is doing them in August and September we wait until January. I didn't get very many pictures of the few we made, but these are 4th grades interpretation of sunflowers.
Lastly we have the 2nd grades primary and secondary collages. A few construction paper crayons to add some more detail and we have a finished project.
Aren't these nice?


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  1. Colorful... how long have you been teaching art? I started teaching art to preK -5th grade 7 years ago... always looking for other teachers to connect with. I'm at blogspot too,
    come by and visit some time. Maybe we can help each other with ideas. I'll come back and visit again. Will follow your blog!