Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blue Moon

 Blue Moon Palette has been a long time fav of mine! While looking through some saved pics I ran across these ideas. You must check out her latest ideas here.
Before Pinterest I kept files of pictures with loads of ideas. I always write the blog site on the title so I can remember, but some blogs have such great ideas I have a whole file folder just for them.
Other than Blue Moon, some of my other fav's are: There's A Dragon in the Art Room, Art with Mr. E, Painted Paper just to name a few. But if you go check out these amazing blogs read through some of their older posts too. There is a wealth of great ideas out there!
My blog log is long, but could be a lot longer if I put in every blog I follow, so check out even more there.

 Question: Am I the only one that isn't all excited about zentangles? I did these probably 10-12 years ago when I taught HS. I have always done similar projects with my older elementary kid-o's too.
Let me know what you think-



  1. I agree! Zentangles, Schmentangles! I have been doing those black line repetitive designs since the 70's and I never tried to copyright the name! Puhlease!!!! LOL

  2. Yeah Kathy and Pat for saying what I feel!!! Oh, I've expressed my opinion about Zentangles a while ago on my blog, but I'll say it again here: it's structured DOODLING, people! And many of us have been doing it our WHOLE LIVES without paying for special pens, or patterns, or anything else. It's a marketing gimmick and offends me. I will continue to doodle at every meeting or class I attend, and I do teach doodling to my kids, as a way of focusing their attention when they are having trouble listening without tapping a pencil or kicking their chair. It seems to work well.

  3. Thanks for the comments girls!