Saturday, October 22, 2011

Horse Ofcourse!

Yes that is what I had to say when someone asked what is suppose to be.
Second grade did a painting of a horse and barn etc. We always do practice drawings then go on to the finally project. It really gives the kids a chance to make goofs and retry as much as then need. Then on the next day, which luckily is the after tomorrow, we start the final project. I really like the fact that I see the kids twice as much in a year, but I use so many more lessons and supplies it made a big dent in me. I mean my stash. Anyway even if I only saw them once or twice a week I still took the time for some lessons to practice draw when we were learning.
This time I did have a couple of new kids that still had "I can't do it" excuses but I finally won them over to "I'll try it first" side. Here are the results of our hard work.

Some kids drew theirs on the left side I promise! Not all of them are right side. Hummmmm, wonder if they are all right or left handed ? I will have to check that out Monday.

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