Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's New?

What's new you ask? Well not much but- a lot! Really I haven't been doing anything new just crashing through my list of things I want to/ have to do before school starts next week.

When I got home from vacation on the 10th of July I realized I had a bunch of things we needed to do while we are stuck home in July. Well stuck home isn't really fair to say. My daughter has 3 weeks of Summer Stage camp and we can't go far during the week. But we can go some where during the weekend like . . .  Lowe's! Or Home Depot! Thank goodness that is NOT us in the picture.
During the week we have been cleaning out prepping each bedroom to paint. We moved one of the twins down to his own room, finally he says. Moved our room to the old "boys" room and moved my youngest to our old room! My daughter didn't want to move even though her room is the smallest she just wants new paint etc on her walls. We need to paint my youngest room next he wants a "jungle" so I am prepping for that. He may be a little disappointed I can't do all the walls and ceiling jungle vines and plants but there just isn't enough time in the day.

 My daughter was feeling artsy today. She saw a picture similar to this and recreated it!

Another activity over lapping Summer Camp is my daughters 4H Atchison County Fair. Starting the end of July is the judging for photography and other events. Then first of August is the opening parade (I was co-chair this year) and more judging and working in the food stand. Then when it is all over clean up and take home all your ribbons. I was really proud that my daughter got a purple on her picture of Misty our cat. It was her first year in photography and the judge said he was excited to see what she does in the future. (proud Mom and Photo Leader!) She can send it to the state fair in September.

   She received lots of other ribbons but the top ribbon for her was the Reserve Champion Zinnias the only ribbon above that is Grand Champion.

Then to top off the last week of July first of August I am the Membership Chair for our local teachers union and we had a table at the benefits fair and gave a lunch for the new teachers on their first day of inservice.
So I have been busy with lots of regular normal, for us, things around the house this last couple of weeks. It's just too bad it all happens right before going back to school.

August 10th Leavenworth teachers return. August 11th my own kids return to their schools in Atchison. Hopefully back to normal-
Whatever that may be!

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  1. Ah, I love the fair! I entered photos and other artwork in Open Class. I also judged Open Class in Nemeha County, I think "Fine Arts" includes everything but food! I'm not an experienced quilter by any means but I did my best. Hope your year gets off to a great start!