Friday, August 26, 2011

I Had So Much Fun!

I had so much fun Thursday and Friday with my kinders. After spending the first couple days setting up seating charts, and explaining how Awesome Artists act in art. (thanks to another awesome poster Artabroad) I needed some fun.

I saw a blog post on Hands, Head n' Heart- this week talking about painting with water on the sidewalk. It looked like fun and easy. The weather in Kansas had been really warm early in the week but would only in the mid to lower 80 Thursday and Friday. So I scraped  my plan and said "Let's do this!"

So when my kinders came to the door, I invited my Awesome Artist to come in and sit down I had something special to do with them today. Oooo, ahhhh. What could it be? Now they have only know me a week but Mrs. Zwahl can be a little silly so they weren't sure what to expect!

We had already talked a little about lines so we reviewed them and I told them we were going to paint lines outside on the sidewalk. Great big eyes and smiles popped! I don't think they knew quite what it meant but I filled in the information quickly.

What really made it too funny was when were lining up I made a big deal about tip-toeing past the Office so they wouldn't see us. :) So we did, we tip-toed around the corner past the office and out the doors. Then we had a good fit of giggles. I passed out little cups of water with some old brushes I didn't like, and told them to spread out and DRAW! We drew lines, shapes and our names all over the place. I asked them why it disappeared? The sun dries it! So if we made a mistake no big deal, it will dry and go away. We spent about 15-20 minutes of our 30 minutes out side enjoying the fun.

When it was time to stop we watered the grass and bushes put our cups and brushes away and lined up to sneak back in past the Office. They were so funny. One of my classes actually squatted down and duck walked past so they were hidden better. Then they popped up and we walked the rest of the way.
I can't believe how cute they were. And Quiet! They loved the playful way I led them out and back in to school.
It truly was one of those days that makes you say, that's why I love teaching.


  1. It sounds like such a fun idea, but then I remember: that I don't know their names yet and who the challenges will be, and that the sidewalk is right next to the ROAD, and that walking outside means down the stairs, down the hall, round three corners (making sure I don't lose anyone at the intersections in the crazy hallways), through the central atrium, (and oh I forgot to stop at the office to pick up a walkie-talkie and sign that we were leaving the building so now I'm in trouble), and then out the front doors because all other doors, especially the ones closer to my art room, are locked during the day for security. And of course I'd be carrying water for all this, and what if someone needs the potty and can't go back in the school on their own because they'll get lost in our sprawling K-12 building, or is crying because they want their mommy, or runs and hides in the landscaping, and then of course we'd have to make the whole walk back in, around the corners and up the stairs, and ... whew ... I'm tired just thinking about the challenges of doing this with kids I haven't even met yet. Maybe in the spring...

  2. Glad you had an awesome day with the little ones. I know that feeling of excitement when all is right with the world! :) Have a great year :)

  3. I totally understand why you'd wait if you had such a maze to go through! lol

  4. Oh dear, and I wasn't even TRYING to be funny.. The honest truth; if I didn't have to, I would NEVER teach kindergarten; they are not my cup of tea. I thank goodness that the district hasn't noticed that I do not teach the pre-K class and told me to do that also. I think I would cry.

  5. I also took my kinders outside to paint with water on the sidewalk, but thankfully I teach in a school where all rooms open to the outside. Not to mention, its Phoenix and hot hot hot, but they still loved it and were amazed at hos fast the water evaporated.

  6. I've done something like this the last two years with K-2 and they love it!! It gets the Can We Paint? out of them, and teaches them a bit about using brushes. I have even put out huge boxes in the gym, given them water and brushes and had them great! It's all about the fun when learning and keeping K involved.