Friday, May 13, 2011

I Just Love 1st Grade!

I like to do all sorts of "portraits" with the kids. Some are self portraits and others are just portraits of others. A couple of weeks ago 1st grade did their latest self-portraits. I just love these! Of course I know these kids and their personalities really come out in their work. 
When I go over the steps for placing the eyes, and other features I make a BIG deal about it. On practice day we draw our oval or egg shape for the face then I say "When you are done drawing the oval, put your hand here." I show them my hand is on my forehead. Then I start my talk about how "my hand is on my _________ (forehead) and behind your forehead is ____________ (your brain). Now are my eyes in my forehead? (no) So where should we draw them? Down towards the center."
I go on and make all the features a similar experience and we literally feel where they are. They get a kick out of Mrs. Zwahl doing all this silly stuff, again. But we have fun and you can see the results.
NOTE: You wonder why I do this? We don't have mirrors for them to use. Never have had any and some how we get by........ :)

When I told them I was going to use my BIG marker to write their names on the bottom they thought that was too cool! Such a big marker!
 I just love 1st grade!


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