Monday, February 28, 2011

Vote for FugleFlicks

Everyone! Quick race over to the site below and vote.
This is an awesome flick by the one and only Tricia Fuglestad. I got word from Art With Mr. E.Here is the information he got from Tricia, please help her out! Her videa is great!

One of our Fugleflicks (student created art related movies) is a finalist in the National Geographic Find Your Footprint contest.

We're trying to win a $36K prize package for our school and we need votes.
There is no login or email sharing or anything time consuming. All you do is click vote for "Let's Be Green When its Time to Clean". You can vote only once per browser per computer or mobile device.
Voting goes until March 16th and we're in LAST place right now:(

Thanks for helping

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