Monday, October 1, 2012

What Is It?

This is a post I published originally in November 2010.

It is shaving cream! I had too much fun doing this project with 2nd grade. I couldn't wait until they got to my room. They were going to love this technique.

The class before this one I had them practice drawing fall leaves on manila paper. The final leaves were drawn again on manila paper; and then traced with a Sharpie marker.
 The next class period we reviewed 'warm colors'. Then I sprayed cheap Barbasol shaving cream right on to the table. Most of the kids have used it to spread on a table and write in it. But I spritzed thinned tempera paint (liquid watercolor is preferred) onto the shaving cream! Right on top! They were surprised to see that move.
As you can see we laid the paper directly down on to the top of the paint/cream.
Gently we used just our finger tips to help the paper make contact with the paint. No smashing or you get a huge mess! :)
Carefully peel the paper off of the cream and lay down in a clean spot. Hold the paper with one finger and use a plastic paint scrapper (3 for $2) to "shovel" off the cream. I used the phrase "shoveling off" since it is  like shoveling snow away from you. The paper doesn't get very wet just damp so the kids can
easily carry it over to the dry rack.
Now some tips!
  • I used manila but white has a brighter color when it dries.
  • I spritzed the paper until they said "stop". They could use any combination of red, orange, yellow or brown.
  • Cheap WM spray bottles quit working after a while. So we had to use it like a dropper. Still looked cool.
  • Cleans up with a wet sponge.
  • After each print you need to recreate a bumpy texture with the cream. The paint is not suppose to cover the whole picture, just in spots.
  • You can still do this if you travel. Keep the shaving cream in an aluminum pan covered with foil and take it with you!
I originally saw this done at the KAEA Fall Conference in Hutchinson 2009. But I am sad to say I didn't get a chance to try it last year. This year 2010 I attended another KAEA Fall Conference in Manhattan on printmaking and this was shown again. I just love those KAEA teachers and how they share their work!
Give it a try, you'll like it, I promise!



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