Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something to Crow About!

I just think these are hysterical! OMG I don't care if we all did the same thing these crows have personality plus!
I found some crow projects but they seemed too complicated or boring. So I adapted one of the projects from DTLK. Originally I did the project with one of my 2nd grade classes, then my sub came in the next day to do it with the other two classes. She fell in love with them too and even made one to take with her!
Here is how I made ours. Fold 2 9x12 sheets of paper in half; trace your hand on each piece and cut out. We traced a rain drop for the body, and a circle for the head and cut those out too. Two hands make the wings, two hands for a tail. The "top" feathers are pieces we cut from between the fingers of the black paper. We added a beak and some wiggly eyes and poof! We had crows.
But it needed something......
I decided to use "Something to Crow About" as the title but it didn't really make sense until I had the kids write a couple sentences to put with it. I asked them to write something they had done recently that they were proud of.  Some of the kids wrote things like:
     "I cleaned my room."
     " I am reading a chapter book."
     "I got a 100% on my spelling test."
     " I was voted to be captain of the cheer squad."
Of course I didn't change any spelling or help them with it unless they specifically asked how to spell ---. They did awesome! I am proud of these guys!

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