Monday, October 11, 2010

Native American Parfleche

The last few days we have been finishing up our Native American parfleches' in 4th grade. I must say I think they are quite cute!
We used a crumpled lunch sack markers, crayons in "Indian" colors. Which basically meant no pink. :) I found the original idea in a book called More Than Moccasins. I found this book at our local library but click on the link to see it at Amazon. It is apart of the "Kid's Guide series" that you may be familiar with already. I had fun picking out projects to do in class. These were not your basic drawing, painting projects. No more hands on 3D things to mimic what they wore, played, used in everyday life. I like this so we can use some "construction" skills and get a feel for how to make something.
And face it I like the 3D stuff!

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