Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun Friday

Last Friday my kids didn't have school since conferences were Tue/Thur, so my daughter asked to come with me to work. I still had kids because my district started much later and our conferences are in October.
So we planned a couple fun things to do together with my students.
Our favorite was an idea I saw at Bluemoon Palette for practicing drawing shapes.
So the class before we practiced drawing shapes, counting sides and corners for all types of designs. I was pleasantly surprised how many names of shapes these 1st graders knew! We made everything squares, rectangles, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, rhombus, diamond, triangle, circles and ellipse. I drew them on the ELMO and they drew them on their papers, counting corners and sides as we go.
Finally on Friday my daughter and I handed out about 10 toothpicks, and a small handful of mini marshmallows so they can make the shapes with them this time. Of course they loved it. I just let them experiment this time and make what ever shape they could with the toothpicks they had. They came up with all kinds. I was so happy with how well they did, I will definitely do this again.
Some kids went 3D and made cubes and pyramids check out my photos.


  1. this totally looks like something I would do too! But all the marshmallows would disappear!!! I have used foam peanuts in the past. I would probably be the one eating the marshmallows then not have enough for my next lesson:)

  2. That was hard to not eat them! But the kids all waited until the end! It took about 2.5 bags of marshmallows and about 3 boxes of toothpicks. So much fun!