Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beginning of the Year Idea

I was just reading and looking for ideas to start out my school year. Generally I start with a name or letter project to help me learn names, but I may have to try this new idea. Elementary Art Fun posted a great idea to have all of the kids do a self portrait but only in monochrome. She explains her idea here. Take a look see what you think!
I think it looks amazing! If I don't do it at the beginning of the year I will definitely do it sometime!
Thanks to Natalie for sharing her idea!

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  1. Fantastic! We are 3 weeks into school, but I don't think it is too late for this project. I am going to scrap my vertical line caterpillar idea for tomorrow and do self portraits. I'm off to her blog...thanks! Great school year you! Vicki