Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old Windows/Old Project

The last weekend in June my kids talked me into doing a yard sale. Ugh. But we dragged a some of everything and actually sold a lot of "stuff".
When I was digging around the basement I found a couple of old windows I had painted a couple of years ago and never sold. So I stuck the "Joy" windo in the sale but it didn't sell. Just not the right time of year.
You may have seen the other window as a "final touch" to our hen house on an earlier post. But that one is not for sale.
If I don't give "joy" away, I may just scrape it off and do something else. Someday Crafts is posting ideas for old windows on Friday and I will probably see something great to inspire me! So beware old window, you are due for a facelift!

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