Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just About Done~ finally.

Since early April my husband has been trying to build a hen house and run for our new 11 chicks. Of course it has taken longer than we thought to build but we are finally just about done.
Last weekend, Father's Day he finally finished the automatic door between the hen house and run. So "Bob" and "the girls" can now venture outside to the run. WooHoo! Oh I mean, "bok, bok"!

My husband has wanted to do this for a long time now and it is finally become a reality. We usually have to buy our eggs like a lot of you. But for the last couple of years my In-laws have had chickens and we can get plenty of fresh eggs from them. But they live in a nearby town and we can't always run over there like we can run to the store, especially if it is bad weather. So this will be really nice to have our own chickens.

It has been a family affair for the most part-- all this kids helped in one way or another. :) You can probably read between these lines---. But I will tell  you this is the fanciest hen house in town. It's the nicest one in the neighborhood!
Now what will the next "project" be?????


  1. The roof is on now! Yeah! See june 27th blog for the final touch we added. :)

  2. Oh! I love seeing the little chicks! I miss that cute fluffiness, although, I will be really tentative about raising Hens from chicks next time!