Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can't Believe It!

I sewed some new aprons for school next year. Let me tell you what I was thinking--

Back in early April, I was reading some ideas about what other teachers do in their art rooms and ran across an nice idea. This art teacher, and I am sorry I don't remember where I even read this, probably on line, said she wears an apron everyday in her classes. She said when the kids came in and see her with it on, it said "I'm ready to teach you". It sounded kind of like when your doctor wears their white lab jacket, you have a set 'uniform' for teaching, despite what you wear already. We are not a uniform school, yet. :)
Thinking about this idea and all of the things I wear that comes home with paint, glue, ink etc on it, I decided I would give this a whirl. So finally schools been out, I've gotten some other things around the house done, it's time to sew.
Now I am not a sewer, I have always had a sewing machine but just for simple stuff. I saw some awesome ideas on line, read how to and decided Suzanne's Crazy for Collars   had a best ideas. Love them Suzanne!
But  I remembered an old jumper I hadn't worn in years that I thought I could make a longer apron which might work. 
Here is the "jumper" apron I made.
It wasn't long, maybe knee  length, but I flipped up the bottom to make the pockets. Appliqued, nothing fancy just straight and zig-zagged around the flowers I cut out of some fabric that I know will shred around the edges when washed. Used extra wide seam binding up each side that then tied in back. Used a big green and pink ribbon from shoulder to shoulder for the neck tie. Viola! an apron.
I had so much fun, I immediately searched for an old pair of jeans. Before when I had looked for jeans, I hadn't had the heart to cut up even my old jeans with the holes in them. But now I am glad I did! Look at this one-----
Right from Suzanne's tutorial (Here) I used the back of my jeans for this one.
Now as far as the fabric goes for this one. I just used what I had in my very small old tub of fabric. Which if I am honest the gingham was from a blankets I made for each of the twins before they were born, 12 years ago. That's how much of a non-sewer I am. But I digress.
I was sewing the belt green and yellow gingham and kept having the thread gather the material as I was sewing my straight stitches. It was frustrating because I didn't want it to do that. But when the belt was done I realized it looked kind of like a ruffle that I had done years ago. AHA! I could make ruffles for this apron. So that is how I came to make the red, blue and yellow gingham ruffles for around the edges of #2.
Now on to my favorite one. I think it is my favorite because it was simple and more my style then the other two.  I had some plasticie felt lined fabric from a previous "sit-apon" I made my daughter for Brownies. It reminds me of the picnic table clothes we used to use when I was a kid, but way more fun pattern of colors.
I just cut out a big rectangle used some pink ribbon from a gift my daughter received recently, ric-rac, and left over seam binding and poof I had an apron. Maybe it is my favorite because it was the easiest???
Anyway I can't wait to try these out. I have the back of the jumper and three parts to my old jeans left to make more. I should have plenty then to wear for school in 2010-2011. I could see myself making seasonal ones someday.... Christmas.  . . . . .Valentines . . . .Spring  . . . .ah-h-h-h-h the ideas!


  1. Kathy--what great results! Love all of your designs and thank you for including my info in your post.

  2. I wear an apron of some sort each day, dependent on what i'm doing. But at this point they have years of dried paint and plaster etc on them and you have inspired me for a rainy day summer project. I especially like the one you made from the jumper. Can't wait to try my own!

  3. Thanks both Suzanne and Phyl for the nice comments.
    My daughter is in the process of designing a new one for me in her style. My style is bor-r-ing, :)
    I will post that soon.