Friday, May 28, 2010

Done at Last

This year we have been "reconstructing" and building 3 schools. Now the end of this transition year is over and I am ready for summer break. How about you?

Last year I packed something like 123 boxes from my one art room. Now this year I had an entire other art room to pack and repack all of the things I had used this year then relabel the unused supplies for my new room. I didn't count the number of  boxes this time but I am so-o-o happy it's over.

My friends are going back next week to finish packing because Lord knows, it was hard to put all of the boxes somewhere in my room and still have art classes, but not me. I was done as of 3pm today and all checked out! I was out of there, vamoose, gone. I really worked hard these last few weeks/days to get everything packed and ready so I could stay home and relax until August.

To my friends who will be there June 1-4 packing, best wishes. I hope it goes well for you. See (some of) you next school year! All refreshed and ready for a new year.


  1. Congratulations! I followed you out about 4:30. I've only been at Muncie a year, but I still felt a little sad that it was closing. It was a good year. Have a WONDERFUL summer.
    Mary Jo

  2. Just discovered your blog while looking for something else! Here in northern NY state I've got school until June 24th...
    I've been blogging for barely a month now - love how many of us art teachers there are out there - please come check me out - my blog is called There's a Dragon in my Art Room (and yes, I do "get" the name of your blog) and you can find me at: