Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sometimes I Make Chips

Last Friday I attended the Missouri Art Education Association Spring Conference. We heard a wonderful speaker, Donna Kallner. She gave an entertaining talk to the crowd telling us many stories about her experience as a fiber artist. She had a way of bringing her audience along with her in her stories about how "her materials and techniques are the tools" that help her tell these stories. Many of her thoughts came close to home as we, art teachers, heard many insights that Donna obviously had experienced herself in her teaching career. She was an endearing and personal speaker that we all wanted to hear more from.

In fact many of did get the chance to hear Donna speak more in her workshops. Her workshops were packed full with standing room only. We all leaned closer to hear her instructions and history of the lessons she presented. So many things we could learn about fibers and take home if not to our classrooms then to our own art studios.

One story that she related was about how we all make something that starts with "c" and ends with "p" . . . . . chips. Chips are those things that we would rather throw away but shouldn't. You can learn just as much from chips as you do from the great ones. We spent the rest of the week end referring back to "chips" around us, back at home, school or generally in our life. But that is a good thing don't under estimate how these can speak to us.

If Donna is ever near enough to hear her speak, go. Until then read her blogs Two Red Threads and Compost and Creativity they are a fun read.

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