Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Reason Might be . . . .

I am so sorry I haven't added anything to my post for so long. Life just gets busy and then (poof!) time is gone.

I have been doing lots of good stuff. I attended the Kansas Art Educators Association conference the end of October. I love getting away with my friends and talking about art, school, families, lessons etc. for a whole weekend.

Then last night I was on the library website, under "checkout history" and saw the list of all the books I have read since Sept. 2008. WHOA! Even when I cross out the ones I don't remember, or know I didn't read. Cross off the ones I checked out for my husband and daughter, there was still a significant number. I guess that might be part of the reason why I don't get around to blogging often. I LOVE to Read!

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