Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rotation, Reflection and Translation

This week I had an observation by my principal. So since I was planning to do the math lesson with 4th grade I decided that would be a good one for her to come see.  I don't generally get nervous when my principals come in for observations because most of the time they have been in my room for quick peeks at what is going on in class. But this is my first year for this principal in our school and I wanted to "put my best foot forward", so to speak.
So I did the following lesson with 4th grade. I orginally saw a similar one at and made some adaptations.
The math curriculum teaches and then reviews rotation, reflection and translation. Or better known to some as flip, slide and turn.
 The sun is the rotation, it spins on a gold brad.
the sail reflects or flips back and forth.
The whole boat translates by sliding back and forth in a slot. The kids love making these and they really remember.

Blue 9x12 and 4.5 X12 paper
popsicle sticks
gold brad
various colors of paper for sail cut about 3x4
more pieces cut smaller 1.5 X3 for bottom of boat

First we cut the edge of the water and a slit for the boat to sail across.

 Then we only put glue around the edge of the water and stick it to the 9X12 paper.
 We make a trapezoid for the bottom of the boat by folding it in half and cutting an angle to the corner. Then we cut two right angles for the sails. Use one or both for the sail.

Glue the boat along the edge of the Popsicle stick. (I used jumbo sized)
Then make the sun and attach!
Not too hard but someone always cuts the water all the way across and we have to glue it down in two parts. No sweat it doesn't make much difference.
For a more detailed lesson plan leave your email address and I will send you a copy.



  1. please send me a more detailed copy. Thanks!!!

  2. more details please! this is exactly what i'm looking for for a fun activity!

  3. would love more information! like this visual to teach flips turns and slides!

  4. Brilliant! Have you any activity ideas for central symmetry (flip/turn).

  5. Brilliant! Have you any activity ideas for central symmetry (flip/turn).